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A premium children's brand driven by strong values, Jacadi preserves and promotes French heritage and tradition.

Erik shares his disappointing experience on Yelp, "The clothes at Jacadi are quite nice, but their policies are just pretentious. When you have a newborn, the last thing your thinking is "I really must get to the store to return this item within 30 days of purchase". Even with a gift receipt, they would not take the item -- no returns, no store credit, nothing but an offer to wrap it so I could regift it! What?!? Why on earth would I give a new mother the gift of one big headache? There are plenty of other great stores in the area. No need to ever return here."


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Conseillère de vente (Former Employee) says

"Une ambiance de travail stressante et pesante de la part de la direction. Des salaires médiocres pour un travail complet et exigeant. Un gros problème au niveau du management. En bref, fuyez cette entreprise elle n'en vaut pas le coût de mettre à rude épreuve votre santé mentale et physique. Cons: absolument tout"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Very stressful, your work a lot and they not pay good. The manager is the worse. They company don’t care about their employees . I don’t recommend it."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"I would never work for a company like this again. They over work, they expect the impossible. They dont have any respect for their employees and management team."

Vendeuse en prêt-à-porter (Former Employee) says

"j'ai travaillé quelques temps pour cette marque, mais le magasin était franchisé. Mauvaise gestion du magasin et pas assez d'autonomie laisser aux employés. Cons: Organisation du personnel"

Conseillère (Former Employee) says

"Cette société qui est dite familiale est plutôt une société qui se moque de ses employer. Cons: Les manager et la direction"

Sales Assistant (Part-time) says

"I worked here fro short time but not recommend this job to others. no staff motivation is given and very rude management and bad company obligations. no respect to staff. Cons: no motivation, staff treated rudely and with no respect."

Stage (Former Employee) says

"Peu de temps pour les stagiaires, et peu d’engouement pour transmettre un savoir-faire Cons: Petite structure"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Over worked, horrible clients, under paid and no growth potential"

Conseillere de vente (Current Employee) says

"La clientèle est agreable, bons liens avec les enfants et la famille. Cons: Le management manquant de professionnalisme, ambiance déplorable, salaire bas - très bas."

Vendeuse en prêt à porter (Former Employee) says

"Ne voulant pas mettre d’avis négatif, je préfère ne pas en mettre afin de ne pas nuire à l’entre."

Full-Time Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Top management is mostly French, they will talk in French in front of you and about you. If you speak up to explain yourself that is not tolerated. Overall this was not a healthy work environment unless you are submissive to superiors."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The owner was very rude and so are some of the managers, they expect you to work hard but only give you 30mins lunch breakthrough 8-hour shift, managers do not like to train sale assistant accurately and they make things very difficult then it is to included they make sales assistant clean up and do not treat them well, very stressful company to work for in kings road, and because the management team is not good the place does not get the quality service that it truly deserves."

Vendeuse (Former Employee) says

"Pas de salle de repos pour manger son repas. On a le choix d'être soit assise dans la réserve, dans un petit recoin, soit aller dehors et se trouver une place dans une parc. En été c'est sympa mais en hiver... On a jamais de pause en même temps qu'un autre employé. Cons: Ambiance"

Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"This place was fun. The kids were super cute and entertaining. You leaned a lot about babies and how fast they grow. The manager was a nightmare but if you did everything asked and smile and nod when she says you do nothing then you will be fine. It was kind of like working with your own family. The manager was like a mother. She would tell you what to do and yell at you for no reason but at the end of the day she has your back and loves you like one of her own."

Vendeuse (Former Employee) says

"Réception des livraisons, mise en rayon. Conseils clients."

Gestion administrative (Former Employee) says

"Rien à expliquer sur ce poste. expérience moyenne dans la vente. Cons: Le personnel"

Team Leader/Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"was very difficult to work,because owners didn't have any knowledge about the brand. customer service was very poor. Cons: no"

Conseillère de vente (Current Employee) says

"Conseil pour les jeunes parents ou grands parents Cons: Pas de possibilité d'évolution au sein du poste"

Stagiaire (Former Employee) says

"Je n'ai pas apprécié le travail en équipe, chacun était dans son coin sans aider l'autre."

Vendeuse (Former Employee) says

"Équipe géniale dans la boutique de Strasbourg avec une responsable au top. Par contre la responsable régionale met beaucoup trop de pression aux employés. Une ambiance à retravailler au sein du groupe. Cons: Pression d'au dessus"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"I worked at Jacadi full-time for less than a year Cons: If looking for long term career prospects, you have to consider because it is a franchise business. Therefore it may not have the same mgmt across Jacadi. Uses the cctv with audio to check on staffs conversations. Sensitive and not open to remarks made by staffs. Does not trust staffs No proper trainning. rudely scold staff when making mistakes instead of guiding. No commission. No exit interview and if you have issues, there is no HR dept that you can consult because everything is run by the owner."

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"I have been working at Jacadi full-time for less than a year Cons: They fire employees without a reason. Customer complaints about store policies are ignored. They want you to work without being paid so that they don’t have to pay employees over-time. District managers ignore the woes from store managers and sales associates. Regional management is extremely unprofessional, they have favoritism for the non-American employees (aka the French are highly favored). They do not give the free 15 minute break that you are entitled to."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Jacadi part-time for more than a year Cons: Manager is rarely at work to even watch you work. She only judges you through gossip of other jealous co-workers. Oh and omg gossip! Never shuts up and always repeats. First time I heard her gossip I thought she was joking, but nope she's serious. Very unprofessional work."

Sales Associate says

"I worked at Jacadi Cons: There are too many to list."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Jacadi full-time Cons: no communication with other teams"

Sales Associate says

"I worked at Jacadi Cons: It is a shame that such a nice high-end store has such unprofessional management. The only way you will get recognition for your hard work is by being related to the manager. There are no bonuses because of the bad management. No room to grow. No comission. A lot of favoritism for relatives employed. And too many other weird things."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Jacadi full-time for less than a year Cons: There were no benefits and minimal compensation. co-workers are not team players."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"I worked at Jacadi part-time for more than 5 years Cons: Absolutely no raises No commission No bonuses Favoritism"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Jacadi full-time Cons: Lack of opportunity or progression"

Sales Associate says

"I have been working at Jacadi Cons: No room for personal growth.average salary"

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